Meditation Chairs

We at Best Value Yoga have received many requests for details of the meditation chairs and benches that are available online. So here is our review of the best selling meditation chairs in the UK.

Please note that here are several versions of seating you can use for meditation, from cushions, stools, to floor chairs;

  • Wooden meditation chairs
  • Cushions
  • Meditation stools
  • Meditation chairs with backs
  • Yoga meditation chairs
  • Meditation floor chairs
  • Meditation seats.

Meditation Cushions

Starting a meditation practice is the best thing you will ever do. Not only are you doing something for yourself, but for everyone around you. The type of seat you choose should not just reflect the spirit of your practice, but enhance and encourage that practice.

You should take posture seriously, and understand that you need to be well supported in order to avoid unnecessary pain, especially during long sessions and on retreats. Nothing dampens a budding new practice like a bad seat!

Are you looking for a best selling Meditation Cushion, then look no further. We recommend you go for the CalmingBreath Studio Meditation Cushion as this is well made and comfortable. You can get this at for only £19.95 and you can choose from the 12 colours.
There is a whole range of Meditation Cushions in varying shapes and sizes available so see what you like and start meditating.

Meditation Benches & Stools

If you find it hard to sit in a cross-legged posture then this is the seat for you. Many meditating groups all over the country sit on these types of benches every day.

Many have curved legs that allow you to “rock” into perfect balance, fine tuning your posture for maximum comfort, allowing for deep, restful meditation.

The best selling Meditation Stool is the CalmingBreath Folding Meditation Stool by CalmingBreath which has received 88% 5 star reviews so it is obviously the one to go for if you are looking for a folding Meditation Stool. This stool is generously priced at £29.95 on
There is also the Oak Meditation stool which is designed to let you sit in a position that keeps your spine and back straight. This enables you to meditate in a comfortable position and with the body relaxed so that your mind is free to focus without distractions.

With the stools you may need a separate cushion for more comfort, and we recommend the Meditation / Yoga Cushion LOTUS – Anthracite as it has great reviews and makes your meditation time more comfortable.

Meditation Floor Chairs

To be in the best Yoga meditating state of mind you really need to sit on a Floor Chair in the correct position. We have looked at the vast number of Floor Chairs available online and have recommended the best selling chairs.

The Best Selling Floor Chair is the BonVIVO® EASY II Padded Floor Chair with Adjustable Backrest, Comfortable, Foldable, and Versatile, for Meditation, Suitable for Home or retreat. Available in Red, Blue or Brown and as this chair has an adjustable backrest it really helps you to keep the best position. The backrest can be locked in 5 different positions. This means that the EASY II can be easily adjusted and safely fixed in your favorite position.

Note at the time of writing these meditation chairs are selling for £39.90 or a discount of 56%!

Another good chair is the Omlove Folding and Reclining Yoga Meditation Floor Chair, Seat with Back Support, . It has a Seat with Back Support in Maroon and is available in three colours.

This chair can be used for cross legged meditation and has 5 self locking reclining positions for your satisfaction. The comfortable padded seating and back support helps to ensure you will be comfortable while keeping a straight back for long periods during meditation. Ideal for seminars, meditation classes or satsang & discussion groups.

You can see the range of Omlove Meditation Floor chairs here.

We will be reviewing more Meditation Chairs in the coming weeks, so please return to this review page.