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Does it really mean Hot Yoga?

There are a lot of yoga types and one of them is the famous hot yoga. The hot yoga is characterized by a series of yoga poses which is done in a heated room. Does it really mean Hot Yoga?  Well YES, the room where you perform the exercise is preserved at a temperature of 95-100 degrees. This kind of exercise gives off a lot of perspiration during a session because you are stuck in a heated room.

Hot yoga is advantageous because it cleanses your body and gets rid of the toxins inside your body. Since is makes your body warm, the more flexible it gets.

When doing the hot yoga, you should have some accessories like your yoga mat and towel. Since you will be sweating severely, you should have something to wipe up your sweat every other time.

Some people who practice hot yoga do not wear very thick clothes because it causes them to sweat more.

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Free online yoga – Is it safe?

Yoga nowadays is very in demand especially the newest free online free yoga. Yoga practice and exercise can be learned in school, so Free online yoga – Is it safe?

There are a lot of yoga schools all over the world. Before, yoga was only applied and practice in India but now, looks like it has evolved. Almost all the people in the world know the word yoga although there are some who don’t have a clear picture of it. Yoga for the many people is an exercise and a means to concentrate with the mind and soul.

It is a great advantage that free online yoga was offered to the people. They say that the web is the easiest way to gain, search and acquire knowledge. Almost everything is learned from the web and it is no wonder why the people get hooked on it. Continue reading Free online yoga – Is it safe?

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Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

Weight loss and yoga may not seem like they go hand in hand. This is due to the fact that many people see yoga as a way to release stress or to work on muscle tone for an already in shape body. Though these are some of the ways yoga is used, yoga can still be used for weight loss. Here are a few of the Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss that are used in yoga specifically for weight loss and how you can add them to your daily routine and practice.

Rocking Boat

The rocking boat can be called many things to people who are not in yoga. Basically, this asana is a variation on a flutter kick or leg kick. What you do is sit on the floor and then bring your body into a slow V shape. This will work your abs and place you in a crunch style position.

It will also work your legs and help with muscle tone in your legs and thighs. It is called the rocking boat, because you will pump your legs to help move the body slowly and work the muscles.

Hover Pose

The hover pose is also known as planking. This is ideal for weight loss and can help you build strength and tone in your muscles and whole body. You will need to get in a push-up position for this asana. Hold the position in a half push-up.

This means your body should be parallel to the floor and held in a halfway push-up position. You will hold this for the count of fifteen and then move up to higher and longer hold times as you get used to the pose. This pose helps you to strengthen your muscles and helps you to lose weight through a body weight based weight training resistance.

Chair Sit

The chair sit works your butt muscles, legs, thighs, and your core. All of these muscles work to help you learn breathing techniques and help you with weight loss. You are using only your own body resistance for this particular asana. To do the chair sit, act like you are sitting in a chair that is not there. Stop in the halfway position and hold that position. Move your arms up and out to give even more work to your core muscles.

These are only a few of the available asanas for weight loss. If you truly want to use yoga to help you drop weight, consider going to a class for a few sessions. The reason is they will teach you how to do the moves properly and how to incorporate different asanas and poses to help you form a memorizable routine.

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Hatha Yoga Poses For Back Pain

One of the biggest complaints people have about body aches and pain is back pain. This can be due to your job, especially if you work in a manufacturing or labor industry.

You may also have back pain due to extreme weight gain or loss, an accident, or because you are sitting for too many hours a day in a non-ergonomic environment. Regardless of the reason for the pain, there are some ways to help it. If you use yoga at all, consider these Hatha yoga poses for back pain.

Downward Facing Dog

One of the more common Hatha yoga poses for back pain is downward facing dog. It is used in a number of traditions, including Hatha. The Downward Facing Dog Pose starts with your feet together and flat on the floor.

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What Are Some Tips For Yoga Beginners?

If you are just starting out with yoga and have no idea where to begin, there are a few things that can help you along the way. What Are Some Tips For Yoga Beginners?

These tips and tricks are not meant for someone who just wants to grab a DVD and get to it. These are tips for people who are true beginners and want to expand their knowledge and routine of yoga in order to benefit from it on a routine basis. This also includes tips to help you from a beginner phase into a long term yoga practice.

Use Accessories

One of the first and best tips any yoga practitioner can give to a beginner is to use accessories. These accessories are yoga blocks and straps. You may not understand why you need them, but consider a specific pose first.

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Gear You Should Bring to Your First Yoga Class

So, it’s time for your first yoga class. You are ready to go and ready to get started on the stretches and stress relief you have been told so much about. The trick is, you may not know what to bring to that first class. You may not know what is expected and what may not be allowed.

If this sounds like your situation, and you don’t want to buy items that you aren’t going to use, consider this gear you should bring to your first yoga class.

Yoga Mat

The first thing you will want to bring to your first yoga class is a Yoga Mat . This can be any style of yoga mat and any thickness. The idea is that it should be long enough for your full body so when you do a pose like corpse pose you are covered on the mat and not on the floor.

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