Foldable Meditation Cushion 100% Cotton & Kapok (red)

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A foldable, multifunctional cushion with carrying straps. It weighs olnly 0.5kg, due to the natural Kapok filling. Kapok is a light, hygienic, hypoallergenic plant fibre. Kapok-filled products have a comfortable, supportive firmness. Double stitched seams and 100% Kapok stuffing ensure quality and longevity of  our products.

If you practise meditation or yoga, you’ll know that there’s a multitude of seating positions and techniques that require the support of a cushion. That’s why this pillow is so handy: You can fold it in the middle, adjust the seating height, and use it as a seat cushion or meditation seat. Fully unfolded it measures 40 x 40 x 5cm.

These beautiful and practical cushions are available in various colours and with different patterns. All Handelsturm Kapok products are handmade in village collectives.

Filling: 100% Kapok

Surface Material: 100% Cotton

Size: approx. 40x40x5cm (open), approx. 40x20x15cm (closed)

Size: approx. 40x40x5cm (open), approx. 40x20x15cm (closed)